I’m Patti Ryan, and this is my personal web page. Much like my garden, I tend to this space less often than I would like, but you’ll find the occasional bloom about things that matter to me.

I wear a few different hats: mom, partner, sister, librarian, aspiring activist (mostly in my head), and very part-time seminarian at Trinity College. I like hanging out with my kids, watching football and thinking about the nature of God (sometimes all at once). I also love a fresh notebook, kind people, bitter vegetables (rapini is my favourite) and labour unions.

I work as an academic librarian at York University Libraries in Toronto, Canada. I recently completed a term as Director, Content Development & Analysis where I supported a team of collections and metadata librarians who are way smarter than me. I’m currently on a one year sabbatical, but will be back on the collections team in January 2024.

I can be reached at patti@pattiryan.ca.

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